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5 Reasons To Secure Your Google+ Brand Page Now

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Those of you who still are running with Facebook and have yet not logged into Google+ here are some reasons why you are still lagging behind the rest of the world.

1. Google learns from Facebook’s faults

We all are aware that Facebook was pioneered via the social networking medium a one-on-one connection between the brand and the fans of the product and it will be important to brands which have a very high social value like celebrities and musicians. But what will happen to the other brands which are not that high on the social front? For all the industries such as farming, insurance, health, merchandize, etc, Google+ provides a stage where they can openly converse and focus on providing information about their food, crops, pesticides, and related valuable information all under the same roof.

Facebook’s shortcomings offer priceless lessons to be learnt and Google+ is doing just that. Google+ is creating a brand page based on the needs of the user. It offers better customization, providing a strong search presence and immensely user friendly data. All this is putting Google+ a step ahead.

2. Improved methodology

For all who have used Google Analytics, you know how well laid out and well described all the data is. Whether it’s the metrics like the amount of time spent on a page, bounce rates or the geographic and demographic information, Google Analytics is packed with statistical information about your website. Google + inherits all of this, thus helping the brand pages to gain valuable insight into who their followers and visitors. As farmers and regional businesses you can have insight to what your visitors are more willing to buy and consume.

All of this user friendly information exchange will lead to an improved experience and realization of the visitors needs and importance and of courses their interests.

3. Better made to required specifications

The design of Google+ allows personal pages. The two skyscraper-sized blank white spaces on either side of the profile are good opportunities for customizing your brand page and display of rich media ads.

Google+ delivers strong brand experiences and helps brands to raise awareness for special promotions and also lets them drive qualified traffic to any third party pages or products.

4. Improved and far more beneficial search opportunities

Other brand pages like Facebook generate a lower click-through rate as the domain is driven by a paid search engine. Often users find their domain irrelevant to their search query. Google+ has the advantage of being produced by the largest and most widely used search engine – Google. Thus the search benefits are far better in Google+ and accurate and precise query results are obtained. Search benefits are the strongest reason for brands to adopt Google+.

5. No beating around the bush with indirect connections

The newest feature to be adopted in Google+ is called Direct Connect. This feature allows all the brands to add a plus (+) before their brand name and thereby incorporating it directly to the brands’ Google+ page. This is easier as the entry is direct and allows it to be far more interactive. Direct Connect helps users to locate and make use of your domain far more easily than in Facebook.

So just check out the brand new Google+ and don’t forget to add us to your circle of trust. The G+ (short for Google+) can give you and your farming business an inexpensive and effective presence online.

To find out how to claim your Google + Page visit:

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