Consultancy Services

If you are working on any of the following use cases in your organisation, have chosen a product/solution and need specialized resources to implement it, we can provide both the resources and the consultancy.

Give employees quick and managed access to the resources

You need to grant/revoke access to IT resources. How can you easily and quickly grant access to the right people, both onsite and in the Cloud?

My Help Desk is busy with Password Reset

My employee’s passwords are easily compromised, and I deal with requirements for stronger authentication to satisfy our security needs. And my help desk is always busy helping the users reset their passwords. How can I increase the security of access while keeping it easy for all of my employees so they can manage, set and reset their own passwords without compromising security?

Make it simple to gain the right access to IT resources

When employees need access to resources, the approvals need to be quick and easy so those employees can remain productive. How can I make it easier for employees or managers to request, review and approve access to applications, no matter where they are?

Govern access for compliance

You need to demonstrate compliance with regulations to ensure least privilege access to sensitive and restricted information. Current certification processes are a burden on IT and the business. How can you more effectively demonstrate access controls that limit access to only those that need it?

Monitor & Control privileged employees access

We are challenged to grant ‘just enough’ access and authority for people to do their jobs. Without fine-grained role or access control, we end up granting more rights or access than we should. How can I grant and enforce least privileges?

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