Employee Management Solutions

If your organization is still living in 20th century where a network administrator used to control access for all the employees, you might need to revisit the approach as humans are always prone to errors and omissions (if not fraud).

Managing the lifecycle of an employee allows you to securely enable access to the right applications.

Not only from the point access is first granted but also throughout its lifecycle, from changes based on change of role through to the removal at the point where the relationship concludes and employee moves on to another organization.

Employee Service Portal

Allow your employees, customers and partners to request access to services using a centralized easy to use system and for the relevant managers to approve/deny the access using a mouse click. Use the same self-service tools to request further access as their role changes.


User self-service coupled with automated access provisioning system reduces service desk load and keeps your workforce, partners and customers productive.

Security Control

These Solutions allow you to implement role based access control, ensuring that provisioning policies are implemented across the organisation and so only the employees in relevant role has that specific access that he/she needs.

Audit & Compliance

Using these solutions, you can record and report on all requests and activities throughout the identity lifecycle. Providing your organisation with a clear view of who has access to what systems.

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