Online Marketing

The SheCommerce Online solution allows clients to use a staged approach when building their websites. They can create an effective website that serves the needs of their business now and grow the site over time by simply adding modules as business demands require.

Content Management
Implementing the SheCommerce Online engine will allow staff to update the website quickly, without the need for technical web or design expertise. Changes can be made from any computer, at any location that has internet access.

We assist in the website business planning process before designing or implementing any online solution. SheCommerce has developed extensive business experience in providing key strategies for its customers to achieve their business goals. A Website strategy forms the basis of our service, our technology supports our strategies and is constantly refined to the changing environement.

The website strategy we develop focuses on achieving a set of short term goals and progress towards a long term business goal. The technology is an enabler to achieving your web strategy not the focusbwired has a team of qualified business consultants who will analyse your business compare it to what is occuring in the market and make suggestions for the development of your online business plan.

Once the website is launched, we utilise marketing intelligence and other feedback mechanisms to refine your web strategy, suggest changes to your web site and monitor the outcomes. Using the web site statistics we learn about your customers, their interests and help target the segments that will help grow your business Our aim is to serve our customers as a strategic partner for their online business. We have the tools, experience and capacity to identify how your business can benefit from website technology.

SheCommerce Website Strategy:
– provide a roadmap for your business in the Online space
– use collaborative approach to resolving your buisness issues
– produce industry analysis
– focus on innovation
– identify efficient streamlined processes
– create new ways to sell and improve services
– undertake competitor analysis
– reduce organisational overheads