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Many years ago Robin Hood traveled the land, recruiting his merry men and women. Then he supplied his team with the right tools to use and work with, and so the legendary story continues.

On each of the “visit” websites, which are planned for all over Australia, Tourism Channel is endeavoring to provide a well-designed site, full of relevant information, and not just another booking site. In every situation Tourism Channel want to include a sense of community.

Jo Sheval & Nicholas Parkinson-BatesOn all websites there are advertising banners and opportunities to be noticed. However on the “visit” websites, businesses are offered a way to be a bit different. Tourism Channel has a simple registration process for all operators, with a low annual fees. They have created this process to be as simple and affordable as possible.

They are also on the lookout for members of the community who are interested in being a part of the local team. You could be an individual, a volunteer at an information centre, a member of the local tourism association, a shop or business owner, a council or shire employee, or just someone interested in the development of your area. If you are passionate and want to be involved in helping promote your town, then contact us. If you love where you live and are able to honor our code (Grow, Support, Promote), then please call or email us and begin the journey – it’s that simple.

The principals of Tourism Channel are Jo Sheval and Nicholas Parkinson-Bates.

Jo Sheval married with a 18 year old girl, Jess, and is a passionate horse trainer, a veteran of tourism websites, converting websites to be mobile ready, search engine optimization processes, on-line and product marketing, regional tourism, and the principal of local business, SheCommerce.

Nicholas Parkinson-Bates is married and has a 4 year-old daughter, Isabella. Nicholas has worked with many prestigious and award winning hotels and resorts, in Australia and overseas and, more recently, Regional Victoria Tourism Management.

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