Website Pre-Launch Tips

Design a clear and simple navigation system. keep it consistent, it should be in the same place on every page and have the same format, logo should link to your homepage. Support your brand – a good brand creates or reinforces a user’s impression and visitor’s will think of your product first when they go shopping: keep colors and typefaces consistent; page layout consistent; use a good tag-line that can be visible on each page

Typography and Layout
Check for incorrect punctuation marks – apostrophes, quotation marks, hyphens.
Check for headings for where you could potentially use ligatures

Spelling and Grammar
Proofread and Spelling
Get someone else to read it – see if you can make the content more specific.
Break up large text blocks into shorter paragraphs.
Ddd clear headings throughout, use lists so users can scan easily, don’t forget about dynamic text such as alert boxes.

Check for Hard-coded Links
Ensure all links will change to ‘live’ URL/domain when site is launched.
Ensure There is No More Test Content on Site
ensure that any images that have been referenced absolutely have the production URL and not the development URL